Where will you use your metal detector?

Now that we have a basic understanding of the types of underwater metal detectors that are available, let’s take a look at where to use your new machine. You might say to yourself, how do I know where I will want to use my new detector? Start by taking a look at some of your other hobbies and pastimes. The most popular places for using a waterproof detector are: walking along the beach, diving or wading in the water up to your waist. If you are a diver, you might find that you enjoy looking for ship wrecks or other sites of interest.

What is the best type of under water metal detector for you?

Taking the time to select the best type of under water metal detector is important. Now, that we know where you will be using your unit, let’s take a look at the other items that you need to consider. Will you be hunting in fresh or salt water? Will this be a primary detector or in addition to a separate unit for metal detecting on land? If you will be hunting in salt water, a Pulse Induction or BBS detector will be your best choice. However, if you do decide on a VLF underwater metal detector, be sure that it has a salt water mode. If you will be diving, consider how deep your dives will be. Check the depth rating of the detector you are considering to be sure it is appropriate. The depth rating is not how deep it will penetrate the ground but how deep under the water you can use it. If you are diving or snorkeling, you will want to be sure that your model comes with a short dive pole. This will make it more comfortable while in use.

What accessories will I need to be successful?

Below are our suggestions for the basic equipment that every well outfitted underwater treasure hunter should have. You can always spend more money on additional items later, but these are the basics of what you should have. Headphones will let you hear the oldest, deepest targets & block external noises. All underwater detector come standard with a set of waterproof headphones. A Carry Bag is an excellent way to protect your new detector and makes transporting easy. While hunting along the beach you will want a Trowel. You will also want one or more Metal Detector Sand Scoops. A beach sand sifter scoop will greatly speed up your recovery.


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