Important Metal Detecting Gear

Safe and successful metal detecting require proper treasure hunting equipment and outdoor gear. The necessary equipment will be different for your activity level and skill level from a simple small shovel to a large off road vehicle loaded to the top with gear. Either way, it is a good idea to be prepared for anything that may happen while you are hunting for treasures.

While any outdoor adventure can include a very long list of equipment that you may want to have with you, metal detecting can be as simple as a metal detector and a shovel, plus a small bag to carry your treasures. If you are simply walking in the park looking for lost coins and other metals, a good metal detector and shovels may be all you need. However, if you’re planning an extended adventure which may involve going into caves or other underground areas, a quality LED head lamp is probably an essential piece of equipment.

For documenting your finds, you may want to bring along a digital camera to record where you found the items. Many avid treasure hunters love to capture their moments and show these photographs later on, or use them in documenting where the find was and so forth. Making sure you have back up batteries and/or chargers, shovels, bags or a container of some sort to carry your treasures, a magnifying glass, and bug repellent are essential. Other necessities for an extended trip would include a first aid kit, emergency blankets and possibly some snacks in case you are stranded somewhere.


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