Share a Metal Detecting Hobby with the kids

Metal detecting is one thing that you can do with the whole family. It is rated G. It is exploratory. It is beyond fun!

For me and my family, we make a weekend out of it. I chart out our course on Friday night, my spouse makes sure that everyone is packed and ready to go and on Saturday morning we all pile in to the family wagon and off we go. Even the dog enjoys the time away.

Everyone has their own metal detector, sling tote, gloves, canteen and digging implement, except for the dog. I am the one who ensures that everyone has what they need for optimal efficiency.

So far, we have unearthed everything from game tokens, to old buttons to antique tools. And of course, we have absconded with a fair share of coins. The children are just fascinated by the old ones. And so am I.

We have discovered that some of the best places to go for unearthed booty are parks, beaches, lakes, historical sites, campgrounds and the woods. Hopefully, none of us will ever dig up a spare body part! It might be difficult to keep it away from the dog long enough to properly hand such a situation.

My hope is that we are able to share this hobby as the children get older as it gives us the opportunity to explore new vistas, see new places, learn together and spend quality time together getting dirty and find treasures. The heat of Summer can be a real challenge, but at least everyone is sporting a nice tan.


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