Types of Metal Detectors

There are many people that love to go searching for treasure in the sand, and there are many types of metal detectors on the market today that can help make this possible. Metal detectors are great for locating all types of treasures from coins, to nuggets to little trinkets. Treasure hunting and casual metal detecting can be loads of fun and for beginners and a basic inexpensive model will do the trick.

Types of Metal Detectors

There are several detectors on the market the basic types are: the beat frequency oscillator, the transmitter receiver, and the very low frequency detectors. There are two box metal detectors that are great for cache hunting, pulse indicators that are great for beaches and soundless models that use searching coils. The Beat frequency oscillator (BFO) is a very simple model that is one of the inexpensive models, and the very low frequency model (VLF) is a model that is very popular among the casual beach combers.

A metal detector that will be used for casual treasure hunting fun, should be one of the inexpensive models, but for the true hard core treasure hunters, the silent models that only pick up certain types of metal is essential. Beaches are one place where many treasure hunters have used their metal detectors to find everything from trash to trinkets and gold. Hunting for treasure can be fun and there are many models of metal detectors to choose, do the research and search online and then go to a local store and pick up one and have fun.


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