The Different Styles of Fisher Metal Detectors

There are several different styles of Fisher metal detectors. The main categories are specialty detectors, turn on and go detectors, underwater detectors, gold nugget detectors, all purpose/relic detectors, and target ID detectors. Within each category there are several models.

Specialty detectors include models such as the Gemini 3, M-101, and FX-3. These detectors are designed to find items where other detectors are unable to with a longer reaching search capability and also steel and iron relics. Turn on and go detectors include models such as 1212-X and 1225-X. This particular line is designed to be easy to use and have a lower price than others. Basically, as the name says, you just turn them on and use them.

Underwater detectors include such models as the CZ-20, 1280-X and Impulse detectors. This category of metal detectors are designed to use underwater, on the beach or in any weather. Built to be waterproof and very rugged, they ignore the effects of water on most metal detectors and help lead you to your treasure.

The gold nugget detectors include Gold Bug and Gold Bug 2. As the name suggests, these detectors are made specifically for finding gold. Many small bits of gold have been passed over by standard metal detectors because the ground is too mineralized or the pieces are just too small. Gold Bug detectors find them when others cannot.

All purpose/relic detectors including 1236-X2 are all purpose detectors with a variable frequency. These detectors are specially equipped to cancel out electrical interference from other nearby detectors. The target ID line of detectors includes the CZ-5 and the CZ-7A Pro. These models are handle or hip mountable and general purposed.


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