Fisher F70 Metal Detector Review

The Fisher F70 Metal Detector is a great metal detector that I love a lot. The first thing that I really like about this metal detector is how easy it was to put together, it literally only took me no more then ten minutes to assemble the Fisher F70 metal detector. This metal detector is perfect to use for coin shooting, gold prospecting, and relic hunting, and I have personally found a lot of items using the Fisher F70 Metal Detector. I like the size of the Fisher F70 because it is perfect size and it is easy to store away.

The Fisher F70 is lightweight and very easy to carry around and use. I like a lot of the features that the Fisher F70 has and my favorite feature would be the large LCD screen because the screen provides numeric target identification screen, and this comes in handy often. The user interface is also very easy to use and I also like how great this metal detector can pinpoint coins and other metals, the accuracy is truly amazing. The Fisher F70 metal detector runs smoothly and the battery life on the Fisher F70 is great and the metal detector has a long battery life. I also liked the affordability of the Fisher F70, because it was not really expensive and I felt that the few hundred dollars it cost was well worth the money. The metal detector is also very durable and it seems as if it is impossible to break the Fisher F70.


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